About CI JP

Contact Improvisation JP was founded in the summer of 2017 out of a desire to have a weekly class + jam on the Boston side of the river. It was also created in the hope that there might be opportunities for teachers to develop their work inside of CI and to allow dedicated dancers to grow in their practice and for newcomers to have access to quality, focused teaching. We felt as if CI had regionally become increasingly focused on ‘jamming’ with less and less attention given to technical and compositional elements and fewer opportunities to grow inside of the form as practitioners. Luck with free money online casino can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks!

We run weekly classes and jams in the Jamaica Plain (JP) area of Boston with a focus on skill-building, labs and active, rigorous inquiry through Contact Improvisation. Visit our Schedule page for more info on times and pricing.

We use a rolling roster of local teachers, many of them fairly new to teaching, to cultivate our work AS teachers and to encourage folks to learn about teaching itself as a practice.

ALL are welcome to our classes and jams and we work hard to keep it affordable, accessible and fun for all levels- from absolute beginners, to skilled and experienced dancers. We do ask that you take a moment to read through our Guidelines and Resources page prior to arrival. Hope to see you soon!

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