// UP-Swings are currently on pause. Stay tuned for updates! //


UP-SWING is a day for more advanced or experienced improvisors to share labs and proposals with one another, followed by a longer jam which will be filmed.
ALL ARE WELCOME to UP-SWING but please do note that there will not generally be fundamentals during this time.

What does that mean? It will be assumed that participants are not new to the form, are comfortable with a certain degree of disorientation, upside-downing/falling and have the physical capacity to take care of themselves inside of the dance.
You are welcome to come just to watch and/or join in, depending on the material.
Again, UP-SWING is filmed*

So if you choose to participate, please note that element in the room.

*why film contact improvisation?  We believe in filming regularly to build our practice and to help one another grow as dancers in order to:

  • see ‘what happened’ during the ephemeral, improvised experience of the dance
  • break down moments that are exciting to us to use in choreographies or for skill building
  • unpack or understand things that could have been done differently or why a technique or approach could be improved upon
  • laugh at ourselves!

It’s important to note that Contact Improvisation is arguably one of the most filmed dance forms in history. Steve Paxton and the founding members of the form filmed and recorded a huge amount of the development of the form and these videos remain as vital records of how CI was discovered and built upon. It is extremely rare for a dance form to have so much of its early development recorded on video and film and we embrace that as a part of our shared history.

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